Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Most Expensive Vodka

Most Expensive Vodka

When it pertains to consuming vodka, everyone has a different requirement. Some are great with the cheap handle of Nikolai while others require something greater class such as Ciroc. Nonetheless, the world's plentiful and affluent take this match to an entire brand-new level.

The contrast in between even the Best 10 most pricey in the world will hit the jackpot for we all. Amongst these are restricted edition containers, some adorned in glass cages, and others that are covered completely in crystals.

Well individuals, right here you have it. The Top 10 Most expensive vodka brand joins the world.


URL: http://korsvodka.com

Magnum Grey Goose by Chopard - $ 815.
Swarovski Alize - $ 2,000.
Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka - $ 2,400.
Stoli Elit - Himalayn Version - $ 3,000.
Iordanov Vodka - $ 3,905.
Oval Swarovski Crystal Vodka - $ 6,922.
Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka - $ 7,200
Kors Vodka Silver - $12.500
Kors Vodka Gold - $16.500
Kors Vodka 24k, George V Limited Edition - $24.500

The following three are mostly Photoshop project and not real vodka you can buy. If I am wrong please attach the link to the store inside the comment.

Queen Vodka - $ 1,000,000.
Russo-Baltique Vodka - $ 1,300,000.
Billionaire Vodka - $ 3,700,000.

There are some vodka brand names with prices so higher that it makes them unaccesable for a lot of vodka lovers. Normally their price depends on exactly what is used to generate vodka, the special layout of liquor or the expensive production process itself. For the design of liquors manufacturers make use of gold, platinum or also diamonds and Swarovski crystals. Only can manage to get these most pricey sort of vodka. It is a genuine status to bye among these glamorous vodkas, and by purchasing the vodka you will additionally obtain an unique present. After drinking the vodka, containers are typically saved as mementos since they are adorned with several treasures or diamonds. We offer you the Best 5 most pricey vodkas on the planet!

Billionaire Vodka

Most Expensive Vodka
Most Expensive Vodka

The Billionaire Vodka is the Most expensive vodka worldwide and it's designed by Leon Verres - understood for creating ultra luxury products. This expensive vodka is made from a Russian dish and distilled from pure grain and crystal clear water. Liquor of this vodka that costs $ 3,7 million, is covered with 3 000 genuine diamonds and white man-made fur.

Russo-Baltique Vodka

Most Expensive Vodka Brand
Most Expensive Vodka Brand

Russia is well known for the amazing vodkas, and this container from the auto producer Russo-Baltique in partnership with Princess Regina Abdurazakova of Kazakhstan is not an exemption. This world-class bottle of Russo-Baltique vodka costs $ 1.35 million.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Calories in Vodka

The calorie may be the SI (Worldwide system of unit) unit of food energy that's found within your body. Today so many people are within the in factor of keeping track of their figures. Probably the most effective ways of using this method task would be to loose weight quite simply its about burning individuals calories that you simply intake.

It's generally understood that calories are saved in your body with the consumption of food and alcohol too. A lot of people are actually selecting low-calorie drinks to be able to sustain the body fat problem. Therefore we will consider in regards to what effect has these calories in vodka need to the body.

First of all it should be understood that the consumption of alcohol in relation to calories in vodka only cuts down on the capacity from the body to lose these fats which gets saved within our body. You should take obvious liquor like vodka, gin and rum upright or around the rocks. This really is so, because of the truth that the obvious alcohol that's consumed consists of roughly 100 calories and less carbohydrates.

Thinking about the calories in vodka and also the mixture of a higher body fat meal, it had been discovered that the end result was fattening towards the body because of the body fat-metabolic process and also the enhancement to the appetite that's triggered when liquor is drawn in. To set the calories in vodka, it's understood that the small shot of vodka that consists of a hundred calories can stop your metabolic process and lead to slowing down lower the meals process. It's because of this that individuals who wish to look wonderful and desires that six packs shouldn't be frequent consumers.

Today lots of people all over the world enjoy having that sip of the favourite drink not giving a concept towards the calories in vodka. That like to entertain themselves socialising with family and buddies for their hearts content after which use exercises and diets. It is advisable to keep in mind that extra consumption of alcohol will modify the body and lead to attaining additional weight. So you should get regular inspections and consultation, in the physician. The very best answer he possibly offer for you'll be that you simply lower your consuming of alcohol.

So consuming away individuals vodka shots or martini's and cocktails could be loved if consumed away moderately thinking about the calories in vodka. This leaves us using the final view that alcohol and also the six packs don't create a team.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Most Exclusive Vodka

Most ExclusiveVodka

They earlier created the Le' Billionaire Sparkling wine, which was the globe's most unique and costly model of the drink, which came worn its own designer pouch. The upcoming item in the elite category is the Le Billionaire Vodka, which is going to take the crown for being the most expensive and special beverage of its kind on the planet. Like the Sparkling wine, this container also will have handcrafted diamond and gold outlining, and come worn its adapted designer cover for most exclusive vodka.


URL: http://korsvodka.com

Most Exclusive Vodka Brands

Liquor concerned will be available in 2 primary models: the purple color and the white one. On both edges, liquor will certainly have 3000 priceless diamonds which primarily make it so priceless and rather blingy. The truth that many of them have actually been independently handcrafted especially adds to the exclusivity variable, which likewise holds true for the Swarovski crystals on the gold identifying - particularly the dot on the 'I' of billionaire and the 'B' itself. Speaking of the Vodka inside, the refreshment has been produced making use of an exclusive collection of ingredients that includes the purest of wheat from Russia and water of course. When it concerns the filtering system, the Vodka has actually been undergoing the procedure over and over once more in tools which had diamond describing in it to lastly lend the distinct structure to the drink. The last part of the product packaging, the designer outfit also has detailed craftsmanship in form of white artificial hair styles. The explanation for not making use of the real stuff has been Leon Verres' organization with PETA, which he sustains also for his customers.

The bottle of this 'Diamond-brewed' Vodka will specify its customer's back by $ 3.7 thousand each, which has 5-liters of the drink. In case a smaller sized model is preferred, there is a 0.5 liter variation which the Vodka buffs could possibly get hold back. On ordering the elite container, be readied to receive a pair of white gloves which is meant for the host to put on while offering the beverage, which obviously can also be done by the butler if you please. Nothing of a buff myself, yet will certainly sure question the uniqueness of the diamond bathed Vodka!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Slovenia Vodka

Slovenia Vodka 

Slovenia Vodka

Slovenia Vodka 

Slovenia, the exporter of wines and spirits, saw revenues of its high-end Wine suffer a record decline last year as economic downturn in the U.S. and Britain, its largest foreign markets, drove consumers to drink much less, and more inexpensively.

Slovenia's exports of wine and spirits dropped 17 % last year, according to figures released by the Federation of Slovenian Wine and Spirits Merchants.

It marked the largest one-year drop in Slovenia wine and spirits exports and was the initial yearly decline considering that 2004.

Slovenia Vodka Brand

Slovenia Vodka Brand

Slovenia Vodka Brand

The greatest drops joined expensive Wine. Exports of Champagne fell 28 %, the federation said.

Vodka, not a drink normally linked with Slovenia, was unusually adequate the solitary brilliant place in Slovenia's beverages market last year. Sales of Slovenia vodka, accounted for almost exclusively by Slovenia vodka brand, rose 13.7 %.

Simon Slonjsak and Mitja Krzisnik are the owners of Slovenia brand name for alcoholic beverages in Usa.